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Thick Chocolate Cloud Mousse (Immediately!)

Gluten + Grain+ Dairy + Sugar + Egg Free

Its eight o’clock at night. The kids are snoring. You’re getting ready to settle down for your highly anticipated grown-up hour of … (fill in the blank), but something is missing... Could it be Chocolate Mousse? If you are me, the answer is a resounding “Hell Yes Please Now!”

This recipe takes exactly five minutes from conception of said idea, to first-spoon-in-the-mouth. Yes, you heard me right - FIVE MINUTES people! No, heating, melting, folding or setting time needed. Just a bowl and a whisk!

This marvelous dessert is whipped coconut cream. Yep. It's that simple. Go buy a couple of tins (read the labels, as some add sugars and other nasties - in fact I'm going to be making my own from now own…watch this space for the how-to soon) and store them in the fridge. This allows the cream to separate from the ‘water’ and thicken up, ready for use at a (desperate) moments notice. Just make sure you are not buying “Lite”, it wont work, and anyway, its horrid. Also note that different brands yield different thickness, and quantities of cream. 

This particular tin was very thick, and practically the entire can solidified - which is great because it meant that it made a whopping load of mousse - and that's good value for money.

Now you’re ready to go. Grab some good raw Cacao powder, Sweetener of your choice, add some good Vanilla Extract and/or organic Coffee* (I add both, it brings out the chocolate), whip it up and gobble it down!

*Minus the coffee - or use decaf - if you’re giving it to your kiddies. Both my Six and Two devoured it, and this is rare as they are annoyingly fussy. [... p.s. I was going to put a little smiley face here, but then I remembered, it really is just annoying having fussy eaters, isn't it?]

Aaaaaaanyway… lets get back to indulging ourselves, shall we? 

Here we go...


  • 1 x Tin Coconut Cream (that has been stored in the fridge, at least for a few hours, and is very cold)
  • 2, 3 or 4 Tbsp Raw Cacao (I don’t measure, I just add until I'm happy with colour and flavour)
  • Sweeteners of your choice to taste (This is so subjective. I find my taste buds changing and I'm using less and less sweeteners to achieve what I call ‘sweet’. So if I put in a few drops of Stevia, this might not be enough for you, or my kiddies, so I add a teaspoon or two of powdered Xylitol as well, to taste, if I decide to share with them. Go ahead and taste as you go, I will not judge you as you lick, lick, lick your way through the bowl).
  • 1 tsp good Vanilla Extract or Coffee Extract or freeze dried instant Organic Coffee Granules (I usually add a dash of vanilla and a scoop of instant coffee. They both work beautifully to INTENSIFY the chocolaty flavour. If you want a more Mocha flavour, then by all means, add more coffee, you daredevil you.


Some sprinkle nuts (flaked or nibbed almonds, or chopped hazelnuts are good too) lightly toasted (try not to burn them like I almost did)

[As you can see I did not wait for my nuts to cool... A lesson in patience? Nah!]


A medium bowl (if you want a two tone mousse like mine then you need two bowls)
A whisk and a warmed-up bicep (don’t worry its really not that hard - I'm too lazy to pull out my mixer most times)


  • Firstly, open your can of coconut cream (don't shake the can) and scoop out only the thick, creamy stuff on top. Discard the watery stuff at the bottom UNLESS your cream is thick like mine was, then you could add a tablespoon of the water to loosen it slightly.
  • Start whisking for a minute or two to lighten the mousse and make it nice and silky. It will thicken up magically just like whipping cream 'from the cow'!
  • Add your Vanilla Extract and sweeteners to taste, and mix.
  • Scoop out about a 1/3 of the cream into a second small bowl and set aside. This is essentially your whipped cream topping.
  • Now add your cocoa and coffee to your first bowl. Whisk away till incorporated. 
  • Finger Taste Test. This is crucial. All good cooks do it. Does it need more sweetness? More Cacao? You decide, be bold, be brave.
  • Now serve a big dollop of chocolate mousse in a pretty bowl and top with a dollop of the whipped ‘cream’ and sprinkle with nuts, or shaved chocolate, or dusted cacao powder or nothing at all. It's lovely as is.

IF there is any left over, it can be stored in the fridge, waiting patiently, until the next emergency arises.

(just because you can) 
  • This mousse also serves well as a topping or icing for my Nutty Choc-chip Cappuccino Cup Cake. Heavenly. It does melt though if heated, which is also a good thing, but if you want it to hold its shape then ice only once cakes have cooled to room temperature.
  • You could also stir through some thick and crunchy Almond Butter for a yummy, nutty twist.
  • Or layer it, in a pretty glass, atop some crumbled chocolate cake, and some fresh berries. A super decadent and snazzy dessert to serve to guests, and easily prepared in advance. 

Now you have the basics, go wild with it, and let me know how you like it.

Oh, and you’re Welcome.

Much Love and Gratitude and Happy Nibbling!



Anonymous said…

OMH ... I can't wait to try it ... sounds fabulous!

Caghrey West said…
Let me know what you think, Collette. It is also VERY friendly on your tummy and... um... toilet routine (if you get my drift?) xxx

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