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Gluten+Grain+Dairy+Sugar Free 
Sometimes you just need to put your breakfast’s egg on something. I don’t miss bread that much anymore, but I seem to have a bit of a mental block when it comes to eating a fried egg without something underneath. Often, I use a big mushroom. Sometimes, a bed of spinach. I've even used left-over ratatoullie shaped into a little nest for my soft-poached breakfast egg (which is yummy, by the way). The point is, I just can’t eat a fried egg without SOMETHING underneath.
Wouldn’t a quickie English-style muffin work nicely? [Think Eggs Benedict on a Sunday Morning - the Cheats Version] Sound good? As long as its Grain and Gluten free, of course? I thought so, too. So here’s one… and it’s a quick one. You can bake two of these in the time it takes you to poach/ boil/ fry/ scramble your eggs.
Here it is…
INGREDIENTS  (Makes 2 English Muffins)
¼ Cup Almond Meal ½ tsp Home Made Aluminium Free Baking Powder 2 Tbsp Butter / Coconut Oil …

Sunday's Benedict Breakfast (the cheat’s version)

Grain+Gluten Free and Low Carb
I Love Breakfast! (I think, if you look at my list of recipes you will have already established that) And Eggs Benedict is at the very top of that list, especially when eating out. Yet, I don’t make it at home very often because it can be a bit of a pain to make hollandaise sauce from scratch at 9am in the morning!
So I took inspiration from a sauce recipe from one of my favourite celebrity chefs, Bill Granger, and re-invented the Benedict, like this:
I’ve removed the English Muffin (I do have a pretty good grain free version though, to substitute - recipe to follow soon) and replaced with a giant brown mushroom. I simply didn’t want to have to make the muffin as well, too impatient this morning.
The warmed ham is there, although crispy bacon is equally good. And the poached egg is most definitely there - cooked to medium.
Now, the sauce is WHERE ITS AT! It’s Greek Yoghurt (double cream) with some minced garlic stirred in and warmed, ever so gently, in the ov…


 Mini Morsels of Chocolate Cake with a Crunchy Peanut Butter Topping Baked in 60 seconds

Gluten+Grain+Dairy+Sugar Free and Low Carb
A simplified version of my Nutty Choc-Chip Cappucciono Cup Cake. This is more kiddie friendly as I have omitted the coffee, and my Six loves anything with peanut butter - this one’s dedicated to her this time (the last one was just for Mommy) - and also because I've baked them in these mini tea-cup-cake holders, they are just too cute and perfect for picnic tea parties in the garden.

It's all store cupboard ingredients (plus an egg), and I now make them so often I can whip a batch of these bad boys up after dinner, and pop one in her lunch box… and the other two in my mouth! 

2 Tbsp Butter or Coconut Oil1 large Egg1 Tbsp Nut Butter of yr choice (I use No Sugar Added Peanut Butter CRUNCHY)

¼ Cup of Almond Meal (you could do half almond and half flax meal but Six doesn’t seem to love Flax too much so I only replac…