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School Holidays' Easy Beany Brownie Bites

Its school holidays. And it’s raining… again! These two simple statements bring shivers of dread to mothers around the world…
So what does any domesticated-wannabe-mummy-of-two do with her five year old? Well, I’ll tell you, she does stuff that she wants to do. That’s right. A very wise lady (Maureen, Petal, that’s you) gave me this advice just this weekend. She said, “…do stuff with your kids that you love to do… they will feel your passion and see your smile, its authentic...”. It makes sense, right?
(But, hey, you’ve sometimes also got to do things that they like to do, like crawling into their man-made fort for a tea party with a grasshopper (one-legged) and the ever growing ant colony on the grass, which is now starting to make you itch. Or playing Teacher-Teacher, and you’re the one being sent to the naughty chair all the time.)
Well, Maureen, I took this lovely piece of advice and gave it a bash.
I knew straight-off that my best way of spending the day indoors is to bake, elbow d…

A Little Celebration for a Very Big Boy (and the food we ate)

A Little Celebration for a Very Big Boy
My little boy has just turned one years old (gasp! It still feels like yesterday when I brought him home all pink and chubby from the hospital, only two days old). And, being my second child, with time at a minimum, I organized a very small celebration for my favourite moms-in-crime and their four little ones to come and play (or in Junior’s case, four little rivals to smack and try bite if they touched his favourite toy car).
The party, in the middle of aCapewinter downpour, was relaxed and chilled with lots of nibbling and giggling - a totally stress-free party. Stress-free because I knew I had chosen really easy, throw-together food… that was also allergy friendly.
(I now stand up and declare…“Hi, my name is Caghrey, and I’m Wheat and Dairy Intolerant!” There, I said it, feeling good about it for a change, and rather chuffed for standing up and ‘owning it’. No more whining about what Ican’teat anymore because I have an arsenal of fabulous recipe…