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Easter Weekend = Less Sugar + More Fun!

Easter Weekend is around the corner...... and to be honest, it usually fills me with dread! All too often it becomes about how many chocolates my Little Six can shovel into her mouth at once. 
[Look, there is a reason we have sweet taste buds - so we can taste sweet things right? So I’m not about to deny my Munchkins the opportunity of using these taste buds every now and then. I just don’t want them to overdose on c.r.a.p just because it’s Easter Bunny time. I would also prefer to not expand MY Love-handles over the next four-day feeding fest, either.]

You guessed it! I decided to make the treats myself (I can actually hear my husband groan - he's not exactly thrilled at the idea of being Sugar Free - I'm working on it though!). Since going (I mean, Me and the Kids, so far) Sugar Free I’ve had to become seriously inventive and pro-active.
So I got a ‘bee in my bonnet’ and sourced some Sugar Free Chocolate, and, for me, bought a few slabs of 85% and 90% Lindt Excellence to play a…