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My Little Pillow Puff Pickelets - Wheat/Gluten/Dairy/Grain Free

I've found the MOST amazing recipe, like ever!
It's amazing for a few reasons - not limited to its deliciousness taste, the fact that there is no added sugar, its soft pillowy cloud-like texture, gluten free, dairy free, grain free (just about everything free) to name a few exceptional reasons, but mostly because... [pause here for emphasis]... it has only two ingredients. You heard me, Sunshine... Only. Two. Ingredients. (Gasp?!)
I'll give you a moment to compose yourself while you let that little sentence sink in!
I know, I couldn't believe it either. My super pal, Claire, sent it to a bunch of us to try it because she knows how hungry we all are, all the time. So I tried it out, skeptically I might add, and did it blow my socks off? Yessiree!
Sadly, she couldn't remember where she found the recipe. I wanted to sing praise and thank that clever soul for creating such a simple and heavenly recipe for us, and then sharing it, too. (If that clever soul happens to come a…

My Little Oaty Crumpets - wheat free, dairy free

I’ve decided to share another Easy Peasy Child Friendly recipe today seeing as we are still in the thick of school holidays and we have a bit more time in the mornings to enjoy our breakfasts.

However, this recipe is so quick and easy, and uses everyday pantry ingredients, that I have been known to whip these up on a school morning in no time, or even as an afternoon snack to cheer up my Little Buttercup after a hard day at playschool.(Confession time: I’ve even devoured these for supper one night on a slightly hormonal evening not too long ago - husband traveling, kids driving me mad, you understand, right?).
And yet I feel rather virtuous when I serve these (yes even for supper) because they really are healthy - no jokes!  It’s all fibre and hardly any sugar at all, in fact you can omit the sugar altogether, if you are so inclined. And, (now we arereallyon a roll) you could even add some protein by topping with a sprinkle of flaked almonds, or even spreading with your favourite nut but…