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Home Made BAKING POWDER: Aluminum/Starch/Gluten/Grain/GMO Free.

Home Made Baking Powder Aluminum Free. Starch Free. GMO Free. Gluten Free.

Today you get to play like a chemist and ‘make’ your own stash of home made BAKING POWDER! Ta daa…
What is it, really? Baking powder is a leavening (raising) agent used in most baked goods. It lightens the texture and increases the volume in our cakes, muffins and even bread by releasing carbon dioxide bubbles into the wet batter. Its all very science, chemistry wot-not… yet totally necessary if you want your cupcakes light and fluffy.
Why make your own? Why, you ask? Well here’s what in the shop-bought stuff…
Commercially produced baking powder contains aluminum, yes #gaspshockhorror, Sodium Aluminum Sulfate or Sodium Aluminum Phosphate. This stuff has been linked with the development of Alzheimer’s Disease and has no place being in my bon bons. It can also leave a slight metallic aftertaste in cakes with a delicate flavour (how lovely?).It can also contain genetically modified corn starch

Little Lemony Carrot & Apple Rye Cakes WHEAT & DAIRY FREE

Today is a special blog inspired by amazing and special women who always bring out the special in me… who wouldn't want that? And throw in a moreish recipe? Oh, my day is complete!

I had three friends over on Thursday morning for a catch-up breakfast. The four of us shared some very special times together about a year ago. We embarked on a journey of self discovery via a life improvement coaching course. Three hours of intense physical, mental, emotional and spiritual delving, four days a week for 12 weeks! I literally cried myself into wonderfulness for three months solid!
We unlocked limiting beliefs, addressed childhood blockages, let go of toxic feelings and focused on improving every aspect of our lives. Two key tools that I still practice today are daily gratitudes and meditation. In a (hyphenated) word, it was life-changing! And needless to say, these ladies are super special to me, I mean, they’ve seen me do the ‘ugly’ cry… and they didn’t point and laugh. Sitting humbly an…