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Banana Cinnamon Muffin for Little Ones - In a Cup and in 60 seconds!

Banana Cinnamon Muffin

Gluten+Grain+Dairy+Sugar Free

Yet another adaptation of the 60 second muffin - in a cup. I’m going to work as many variations of this little beauty as I possible can! Click here for the decadentNutty Choc-chip Cappuccino Cup Cake variation, and here if you want a Blueberry Bombe 60 second muffin for breakfast.
Today’s version is a banana one, with nuts and scented beautifully with cinnamon - especially for my little ones. Although I choose to not eat (hardly ever) bananas anymore, my Six and Two-Year-Old (now referred to as ‘Six’ and ‘Two’) can tolerate slightly more carbohydrates in their diet. And because bananas are loaded with potassium and are so versatile with kids, they have become a staple in my kitchen. Check out another amazing banana recipe Ive shared: My Little Pillow Puff Pickelets (only two ingredients) made with just one egg and one banana - sheer genius!
The banana in here also keeps everything beautifully moist, and requires no additional toppings o…

Perfect Pilau Cauli-Rice (for breakfast, lunch and dinner)

No-Grain Rice for Curries

Made from wonderful Cauliflower! Grain+Gluten+Sugar+Dairy Free + Low Carb!
If you are following a Grain-Free eating plan like me, yet you miss rice, terribly, well then, I have some good news, you can have your rice, albeit… “myy waaayyyyy” *SING IT LIKE FRANKIE!*
I was in the mood for some curry this weekend. “Whaaa?” I know, it’s crazy. 30 degrees C and sweltering hot by 9am, and Miss Nibbles wants curry? (And no, Mommy, I’m not pregnant) I just love a good Indian Curry (an’ ol), it doesn’t matter what the weather is 'doing'. I lived in Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal for years, it's in my blood.
So I threw together a scrummy *Butter Chicken for the family, and made it nice and mild because nobody else likes spicy in my house, and they insist they cant eat anything hot - yes I live with a bunch of nancy’s!
Anyhoo, everyone knows, you have to have some sort of starch to mop up the juicy bits, either a naan bread, or a roti, or lots of got-to-be-yellow rice… 

The Portable Frittata!

It’s like an omlette… It’s like a quiche… It looks like a muffin…but it’s a frittata?

Gluten+Grain+Sugar Free + Low Carb. I keep getting asked about sugar-free breakfasts for those who work at an office, or who don’t have the time to prepare and eat a cooked breakfast, before rushing to sit in traffic (crazy humans we are?). 
So here I am, giving you options (don’t say I don’t do things for you)... you can pimp your morning cuppa java into a HOT BUTTERY EGG COFFEE, or you could whip up a batch of BLUEBERRY BREAKFAST BOMBES... and now I bring you the Portable Frittata
Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

This is not really an original recipe, more of a redo, taking yesterday's most delicious CARAMELISED OMLETTE and making it lunchbox (and kiddie) friendly. 

I urge you to feel free and experiment with ingredients and ratios. This is not baking, this is more like throwing caution (and ingredients) to the wind and letting your inner goddess/rebel free. Add more cheese if you wish, or replace i…

My Caramelised Omlette. Sweet, savoury and cheesy. Y.U.M...

My absolute favourite, savoury breakfast to date!
Gluten+Grain+Sugar Free + Low Carb.
It has only taken me about 15 YEARS, but I have finally mastered… (pause for emphasis)… The *Omelette! Ta daaaaa...
*About that spelling 'Omlette'. “…American publications preferomelet,and this is the spelling recommended by most American English reference sources. In all other main varieties of English, the French spelling, omelette, is preferred...[]  Seeing as I'm 1/8th French on my Father’s side, I thought I’d go with the more posh sounding spelling… just in case you were wondering which way was right?
My Omlette: warm, soft and packed with oozing cheesy yumminess. [Um, please note: for those of you who like to eat their eggs dead, dry and grey please look away now, [Betty that’s you, because this Omlette is anything but dead, lifeless and overcooked] ;-) 
My secret ingredient to keeping it moist and slightly oozy, is the addition of a dollop of Sour Cream or Creme Fraich…

Blueberry Bombe for Breakfast - cooked in a Cup - in 60 seconds!

It’s a Muffin - in a Cup - in 60 seconds!
Gluten+Grain+Dairy+Sugar Free and Low Carb, of course!

You gotta make this…it’s ano-grainer!

Here is another itty bitty cake made for two, in the microwave, in just 60 seconds. I did not cut this one in half and share it, but if I were making this for a tea time snack, I might have shown more restraint and portioned it in two.

This recipe is an easy adaptation of my NUTTY CHOC-CHIP CAPPUCINO MUFFIN except this time I wanted to use up some left over blueberries. So I kept the nuts and added the blueberries and some lemon zest. So refreshing and very moist - just what a girl needs with her morning tea. I mean, how awesome that I get to have cake for breakfast, and call it healthy? [Blueberries make it healthy, don’t they? And almonds? Of course!] Best of all its super filling, and without the sugar rush-crash-craziness.

You can choose your own nut combination, I love nuts so I add a lot, mixed and raw in this recipe. 

The cream I sploshed on top is da…