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Itty Bitty Chocolate Mini Cakes - in a cup - in 60 seconds!

 Here's my little itty-bitty chocolate cake, baked in a cup, and in 60 seconds!

Nut-free. Gluten-free. Grain-free. Sugar-free. Low-carb. Dairy free options.

Afternoon tea-and-cake just got REAL, people. Real quick. Real easy. And Real healthy too.
You cant even call this a cheat meal (although it tastes like a sneaky, naughty cheat) because it’s all within the rules of eating low carb, gluten free, sugar free and therefore healthy, right?)

This makes four ½ cup ramekins. It’s coconut flour based (although not 'coconutty' in flavour at all) and quite filling. I’ve been known to make a bigger one for me (all in the name of science, of course) and, well, let’s just say my eyes were bigger than my tummy. For an afternoon snack, with an espresso or cup of tea, a small ramekin is perfect (and then you have one left for tomorrow, and the next day too).

Now, because I made these on a random Monday afternoon after picking up my brood from gymnastics, I didn’t have the time, nor inclination, to whip up a batch of icing as well. That is just asking too much for a Monday… So I tested it with three different toppings I already had in the fridge.

The first one I used was some of my best dairy and sugar free pouring custard. It was divine.

The second was ready made custard which my husband eats over tinned peaches (yes, he is a Neanderthal when it comes to dessert. He’s been eating it since he was a kid, the way his mother used to serve it, like a hundred years ago).

The third one was a thick and delicious homemade dairy free, sugar free, chocolate ganache which I found at the back of the fridge. It was like Christmas morning all over again when I opened the lid, what a delight to find.

I then blindfolded my kids and did a blind-taste-test on them. No surprise but they liked all of them and kept asking for another mouthful because they weren’t … “quite sure yet…” And so they finished all three. 

My fav was combining my Best Pouring Custard AND the chocolate ganache (which also happened to be dairy and sugar free – bonus!). Yes, I put both toppings on mine. I'm not ashamed. It was divine.

Of course you could just put a plop of whipped cream/coconut cream on top, or a dollop of yoghurt, or even a teaspoon of warmed, homemade, sugar free Nutella and a ripe strawberry... or leave as is, as Mother Nourish intended, and eat straight outta the ramekin.


1 medium bowl
Microwave safe ramekins, bowls, cups or mugs to suite your level of greediness
A Microwave (the oven will work, 180 degrees C, for about nine or so minutes, depending on the size of your ramekin).


2 Tbsp Coconut Flour
2 Tbsp Cocoa Powder
½ tsp Baking Powder
Pinch Himalayan Salt
2 Tbsp Granulated Sugar Replacement
¼ tsp Espresso Coffee powder (this will pimp your chocolate flavour without tasting of coffee. If you like a more grown-up, mocha flavour, please add more)
2 Tbsp Milk of your choice – I usually use Almond or Coconut
2 Tbsp Butter or Coconut oil, melted. (I've also used Macadamia Oil, MCT oil and even tried Olive Oil - they all work)
1 Lrge Egg
½ tsp Good Vanilla Extract


In a small bowl mix your dry ingredients altogether.
Then throw in your wet ingredients and mix with a fork or mini whisk.
Spray your chosen ramekins or cups with non-stick spray and pour your batter ¾ full.
Microwave each ramekin for 50 seconds - one minute. Be careful to not nuke the life out of them, they will become dry.

Allow to cool (if you can, I’d understand if you can’t wait) and top with topping of your choice. 

Much Love and Gratitude, and happy Nibbling



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