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My Happy Tummy Camel Milk Smoothie

The eternal search for ultimate health, vibrant energy and self-healing has recently led me to the most interesting article I've read in a while. It’s an article about the amazing health benefits of CAMEL MILK!
Yes… camel milk. Ta-daaaaaaa!
I first read about it here on Wellness Mamma's blog, and then found a more scientific article with studies and all the science behind it here… but the summarised version goes like this…
Proven studies show that the benefits of regularly drinking camel milk have been seen to treat, if not cure, a number of ailments and diseases, namely:
  • Autism (What? Really?)
  • Auto-immune diseases (like rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Hepatitis-C
  • Diabetes
  • Even in the treatment of several cancers (whoa) and AIDS.

And boasting beneficial Immune boosting properties, just to name a few…
This was a particularly interesting and relevant excerpt I found at 
“Not only is camel milk well-received by people who have milk allergies or an intolerance, its unique inflammation-inhibiting proteins and hypoallergenic properties may account for the surprising results of a small Israeli study.Published in Immunology and Allergies, the study involved eight children with extreme food allergies –all of whom endured vomiting and diarrhoea after eating, as well as skin rashes, asthma symptoms, and lactase deficiencies. Once given camel milk to drink, all children showed diminished symptoms within 24 hours and after four days were completely asymptomatic. After two weeks of the camel milk diet, the kids were in much better health and able to digest foods they were previously unable to eat…”

Children*, who are allergic to cow’s milk can apparently drink camel’s milk because it doesn’t contain beta-lactoglobulin or A1 casein – the two proteins responsible for allergic reactions.
I am very sensitive to dairy, my tummy definitely gets in a cramp if I have too much of the good stuff. The good news, so far, is I have felt no discomfort at all, only enjoyably satiated after drinking. Bonus.
Now, I'm no doctor, so I don’t claim… well, anything actually… but I do believe in the power of food, and that we can heal ourselves using any number of ancient / alternative healing methods. And add to that a clean diet, regular body movement and regular practice of mindfulness and positive affirmations and you can heal just about any dis-ease in any body.
I realise by my level of excitement as I pack my litres in the fridge, just how much I really have missed dairy, especially in baking, sometimes coconut cream just doesn’t cut it or is too overpowering in flavour. So, if all goes well, you could be seeing quite a few experiments henceforth using my new found, self proclaimed, super food.
The first, of which, is: My happy tummy, camel milk smoothie

Nutribullet (the newest addition to our family) or any blender or immersion blender will work

¼ cup blueberries
¼ cup almonds (mine have been soaked and dehydrated for better digestion)
1 Tbsp chia seeds
1 Tbsp protein powder
1/2 to 1 cup camel milk, plus filtered water to loosen if necessary
10 drops of Stevia (optional) to taste, or a couple of dates, or a plop of honey...

Place all your ingredients into the blender jug and top up with some ice.
Blend for about a minute until all the nuts and seeds are ground and fine.
Enjoy this intensely creamy and satisfying smoothie. Great as a quickie breakfast and post-workout, protein drink.

*Please do your research before starting any new eating regime, as with any alternative or traditional remedies, seek your doctor’s advice before consuming, especially when it concerns your children.
Here is the nutritional value breakdown of one cup of camel milk.
I hope you enjoy
Much love and gratitude, and happy sipping


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