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Little Lemony Carrot & Apple Rye Cakes WHEAT & DAIRY FREE

Today is a special blog inspired by amazing and special women who always bring out the special in me… who wouldn't want that? And throw in a moreish recipe? Oh, my day is complete!

I had three friends over on Thursday morning for a catch-up breakfast. The four of us shared some very special times together about a year ago. We embarked on a journey of self discovery via a life improvement coaching course. Three hours of intense physical, mental, emotional and spiritual delving, four days a week for 12 weeks! I literally cried myself into wonderfulness for three months solid!

We unlocked limiting beliefs, addressed childhood blockages, let go of toxic feelings and focused on improving every aspect of our lives. Two key tools that I still practice today are daily gratitudes and meditation. In a (hyphenated) word, it was life-changing! And needless to say, these ladies are super special to me, I mean, they’ve seen me do the ‘ugly’ cry… and they didn’t point and laugh. Sitting humbly and quietly witnessing your friend at their most vulnerable is so beautifully intimate; you cannot help but admire their bravery for allowing you to bare witness to this unfiltered emotion. It’s a special bond.

So I’ve dedicated this blog to these Warriors of the Heart. And I share my original (nogal) recipe that I created especially for this breakfast.

Thank you, My Lovelies for sharing and growing with me… and for not pointing and laughing.

Now, onto the food… Breakfast was continental. In fact, this has got to be my FAVOURITE breakfast. The type you eat on holidays at posh hotels, unrushed and eaten in waves. You nibble/gorge yourself, a little bit (a lot) here, and a little bit (a lot) there, at a leisurely pace right up until lunch time, or beyond if I get my way…

  • Starting with a fresh plate of sliced fruit (paw paw, bananas, strawberries), a scoop of raw oats, plain Greek yoghurt, toasted almonds and hazelnuts, and a squeeze of fresh orange and lemon juice.

  • Then we tucked into my (happiness on a plate) Little Lemony Carrot & Apple Rye Cakes #clapping (technically a muffin but that sounds boring) topped with a swirl of fat free cottage cheese icing.

  • And then onto toast (wheat free - yes that’s a blog coming soon - can’t wait! ;) with jams, preserves and a selection of cheese.

All washed down with cup-of-chino’s (that’s what we call them in this house) and orange juice…

I created these little cakes for you my dears. Make them for tea, breakfast, or your midnight snack (or all of the above in my case), just promise me you will think happy thoughts and feel gratitude with every bite. Deal? Awesome… here’s the recipe.

Wheat / Dairy Free
Little Lemony Carrot & Apple Rye Cakes

100g                Wholemeal Rye Flour
100g                Fine Oats (quick cooking, but not instant)
1tsp                 Baking Powder
1tsp                 Baking Soda
¼ tsp               Fine Salt

175g                Xylitol (or granulated sugar)

3 L                  Eggs
1 tsp               Vanilla
300ml              Vegetable Oil
1                     Lemon (Juiced and zested)

225g                Raw Carrot & Apples (grated) +/- 3 of each
50g                 Walnuts (chopped) if allowed

Choice of two toppings:

#1 (Dairy)
1 tub                Fat free smooth Cottage Cheese
2 Tbsp              Icing Sugar (sifted) to taste
1                      Lemon: juice and zest

#2 (Non-dairy)
1 Cup               Icing Sugar (sifted)
1                     Lemon: juice and zest


1.                  Grease or line two muffin trays with 24 paper casings.
2.                  Preheat oven to 180 degrees.
3.                  Sift dry ingredients into a bowl.
4.               Add sugar and whisk into dry ingredients until thoroughly combined.
5.               Beat wet ingredients in a jug and mix into dry ingredients thoroughly until smooth.
6.              Leave batter to stand (to allow raw oats to soften slightly) whilst grating apple and carrot into another bowl or use your food processor.
7.              Add grated mixture to batter and mix thoroughly along with chopped nuts. (I used the left over grated carrot and apple in a salad - drizzle with more lemon to stop apple turning brown)
8.              Use an ice cream scoop to measure equal amounts into muffin tins about ¾ full. They do not rise much.
9.              Bake at 180 degrees for about 20 - 25 minutes.
10.           Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes.
11.          Icing #1 (Dairy): Mix cottage cheese, sugar and lemon juice and zest. Spoon dollops onto each little cake.
12.         Icing #2 (Non Dairy): Mix Icing sugar, lemon zest and enough lemon juice (about 1 - 2 Tbsp) to achieve a thick pouring consistency. Drip over cakes.
13.           Decorate with long tendrils of lemon zest.

Much love and gratitude… oh and happy nibbling
Ohhhmmmmmm ;-)


Anonymous said…
Ok so THESE were the YUMMIEST thing you've made besides the chocolate cake thingies. Oh my goodness CAGHREY WEST. I LOVE apple and carrot muffins (cakes) and you did me proud. Love this....Love this....Love this recipe! Well done you clever girl(friend). Bev xx

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